Thursday, July 18, 2019

Focus on Understanding our Youth

Happy start to 3rd Session!

Camp is all about inclusiveness, providing a safe space for every individual to be accepted for who they are, no matter what they are going through. In this Ted Talk, Jonathan Owen states "it's so easy to have someone pegged before we really know them, to label them without really understanding who they are."  

Camps may not see the direct impact they have on campers, but hearing Jonathan's final story is solid evidence that "bad" campers are not bad kids and we have to strive to guide them to get the most out of their experience, it can truly be life changing. Listen below to some quick inspiring stories that will push us all to be positive supporters to everyone we encounter. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

You Heard It From the Source: What It Means To Be A Camp Counselor

As our 95th summer is under way, we took some time to admire how our staff reflected on their time working with campers, highlighting their personal growth as well as the impact they have had on youth throughout their time as camp counselors. It’s no small task to lead kids and provide a safe place for them to be independent while gaining life and social skills. Check out below to see what our counselors had to say...

“I not only try to recreate some of the incredible experiences I had as a camper, but also inspire new memories for each and every camper I work with. I will always remind campers that they are always enough because they are themselves.”

“Being a camp counselor is more than a job; it’s being a friend to campers, being there for them, taking care of them and teaching them.”

“Camp is a safe place and it’s my job to instill a sense of wonder and creativity into my kids while making lasting memories.”

“I came back to work at camp after reflecting on all of the camper moments I had last summer. I couldn’t imagine a whole summer without the kids. I try to lift everyone up and provide a successful experience, and in doing so, I am an overall happier, more proud human.”

“I believe in my hard work and appreciation towards the outcome that this job gives to children.”

“I am always looking for things that I can improve on, which may go on to improve the overall camp. With my fellow counselors, I regularly talk about how we can make this little slice of heaven even more positive and friendly than it already is.

“I will always have an enthusiasm level of 100%. I push my kids out of their comfort zone and I encourage them to be the best version of themselves always. Through leading by example I am proud to say each and every one of my campers tried at least one new thing this summer. ”

“With an overall goal of maturing minds, cultivating creativity, and encouraging leadership, I connect socially and as a leader with every camper. I’m sure to implement unique, encouraging, and constructive games and activities which inspire citizenship, fairness, responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, and caring.”

“I want each child to succeed in building relationships and investigating independence. I work at camp because I want to instill the love I found for it when I was a camper into each camper I see.”

“I’m a parent, teacher, sibling, friend, coach, guide, therapist and personal cheerleader. I love these kids and each and every one of them drives me to do my best, be the kindest, most caring, responsible, friendly, helpful person. I love these campers because they make my job possible and make my life feel worthwhile.”

Camp counselors truly make a world of difference in the lives of today's youth. We are blessed with an incredible 2019 Staff Team!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Empathy is a Verb.

The Power Of Empathy

The topic of empathy is deep, and it is so important in development. If we expect our children to open their hearts and learn empathy we have to encourage healthy, real life interactions. Anita Nowak pushes her students to practice empathy, and it is brilliant. Check it out in her Ted Talk below! 

Empathy is a verb. It needs to be active. It needs to be meaningful. It needs to be real. - Michele Borba