Thursday, January 3, 2019

Five Love Languages for Showing Gratitude

Happy New Year from all of us here at Foley! As we gear up for 2019 (what?!) we start setting resolutions. We have goals we want to stick to, and with it being National Thank You Month, what's more fitting than adding gratitude to that list of what we continue to progress in?
As we know, people come from all walks of life with different backgrounds, cultures and family traditions - especially at camp. That being said, different people are appreciated in other ways than you might like to be appreciated. You might have heard of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and as we dive into National Thank You Month, we have the opportunity to appreciate others in deeper, more meaningful ways:

1. Words of Affirmation
Expressing affection through spoken or written appreciation and/or praise.
Words of affirmation is one of the easiest ways to show your appreciation, but often it's neglected. Here are a few fun ways to express gratitude through words of affirmation!
  1. Give yourself a thank you quota! Try to say thank you a certain amount of times throughout each day. You can even roll a die to get your quota for the day.
  2. Saying any number of these 'thank yous'.
    • "You are such a positive light wherever you are!"
    • "You're a true friend, and I'm so grateful to have you in my life."
    • "I admire and appreciate all that you've done for me."
    • Congratulate someone for a job well done!
    • "You're great at what you do!"
    • "Thank you so much for all the time and energy you've put into _________."
  3. Leave a sticky note with something positive written by you!
  4. Write a Thank You Letter, poem, song.
2. Quality Time
Expressing appreciation through undivided, focused attention.
You can say thank you by spending quality, focused, conscious time with someone else! Leave your phone behind, get rid of distractions, and enjoy the present moment with that person.
  1. Have a meaningful conversation with someone - maintain eye contact, ask reaffirming questions of understanding. It can be as easy as asking how someone's day was.
  2. Go out to eat with someone! Enjoy visiting with someone over a delicious meal. Share laughs, good conversation. 
  3. Go on a road trip! It could be cross country or just a ride around your neighborhood!
  4. Take a class together - art, cooking, wood shop, (think about activities from camp!)

3. Receiving Gifts
Gifting is the symbolic gesture of saying thank you.
This isn't all about the gift itself, so much as it is the thought and love that went into why that gift was given. Say thank you to that person by putting thought and effort into their likes and dislikes!
  1. Sneak a snack into their lunch bag.
  2. Surprise them with their favorite drink.
  3. Handmade gifts tend to be very sentimental and caring, as a lot of thought, time, and effort contribute to make something special for somebody.
4. Acts of Service
Actions that express gratitude and appreciation.
This can be one that is also easily overlooked as a way to say thank you! Think about what they have on their to-do list.
  1. Maybe they're in the middle of a large cleaning project- lend a hand!
  2. Make a meal for them if it allows them to relax for a bit (or a snack!)
  3. Think about chores that would help not just you, but the whole family! Contribute your time and efforts to make someone's day a little easier.
5. Physical Touch
Expressing gratitude with physical touch towards another person!
  1. Give that person a high five
  2. Hug someone to say thank you
  3. Give a pat on the back for a job well done.
Consider using any of these if someone has done something nice for you, and you want to return it with something kind!  Remember that National Thank You Month doesn't have to stop on February 1st, and we can observe these symbolic gestures of gratitude any time of the year. 

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