Thursday, March 29, 2018

Bravery Is Learned

In Caroline Paul's Ted Talk "To raise brave girls, encourage adventure," Caroline discusses the importance of guiding our daughters to develop bravely, rather than foster the growth of fear in their everyday lives. Why should girls be any less brave than boys? I don't believe that.

The issue is that adults are willing to encourage our boys to go out and try new, "dangerous" things, while we pause at the door with our daughters and tell them to be careful or not to go on an apparatus at the playground because we as adults have fear.

Wouldn't it be great if we were out there actively guiding both our young boys and girls to develop these brave characteristics?  This is part of our mission at Foley. We partner with parents to guide campers to grow grit and investigate their independence. Of course our staff are encouraging, coaching, and ensuring overall safety, but we are allowing children to grow in confidence and ultimately become braver individuals.

"Bravery is learned, it just needs to be practiced." - Caroline Paul

Check out the full Ted Talk below! Caroline's words make us even more excited for the adventurous summer ahead.

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