Thursday, September 27, 2018

Camp Moves Me. Does it Move You?

If you follow Camp Foley on social media (specifically Facebook or Instagram) then you have probably seen Foley Directors, Staff and Campers participating in an event called Camp Moves Me over the past few years during the month of October.

Camp Moves Me is a fundraising campaign run by the American Camp Association (ACA). Camp Foley is accredited through the ACA and in doing so is eligible to set up a scholarship fund to raise donations that help more kids come experience a summer at Foley!

The campaign is one focused on exercise and fundraising. Participants dedicate their October exercise and log the miles as they run/walk/hike/bike etc. while friends, family, co-workers and the like can donate to support their efforts which ultimately supports the Camp Foley Scholarship Fund.

Participants are usually folks passionate about Camp Foley and passionate about helping other kids experience a life changing summer at Camp! We have 14 participants at the moment with some of them adding extra incentive to the month with a friendly wager of who can log more miles! Hear from a few of this year's participants on why they are out moving this October.

"I wanted to participate in Camp Moves Me this year because I loved my time as a counselor at Camp Foley and I want to help more kids experience what Foley has to offer. It also will help keep me motivated to stay active!"  -Emily Cherni (Past Counselor)

"I am very proud to be participating in Camp Moves Me again this year because it is such a great fundraiser that provides priceless life changing opportunities to kids who otherwise might not be able to experience them. Having the ability to embarrass Alex (below), by making a Brit wear an MLS jersey around is just icing on the cake! (A friendly bet between friends)"  -Joe Harrington (Past Camper and Counselor)

"I can't wait to raise a bunch of money and send as many kids to camp as possible! It's a great place and every child deserves the chance to experience Foley. Beating Joe (above) at the same time is just a bonus! (A friendly bet between friends)"  -Alex Capell (Past Counselor)

"I'm really excited to join Camp Moves Me because it's a way to embody a more active lifestyle for yourself while also providing an opportunity for more kids to attend camp and join the Camp Foley community."  -Treff Brock (Current Assistant Director)

It's not too late to join the team and be a participant yourself! Register HERE
Stay up-to-date on this campaign and donate here at Camp Foley's Page.
For additional information on this campaign click here.

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