Thursday, October 4, 2018

Buoy Award - Striving for New Activities!

As we reflect on another summer, it is easy to get lost in thought of all that our campers push themselves to achieve. Over the past few summers we have seen a rise in the number of campers striving to earn awards in activities they had never participated in before. This makes us incredibly proud as it shows our campers are continuously growing and bettering themselves.

It is inspiring to see how well-rounded and talented our campers are across each and every activity. In 2015, one of our aging-out campers pushed himself to sign up for activities he hadn't thought about trying before, ultimately leading him to realize he had received a ribbon in all of the activities that offer ribbon awards - that's 16 activities! Throughout his time in camp, this camper earned 46 ribbons within those 16 activities. Now that's quite the feat!

We believe it is incredibly beneficial for campers to expand their horizons while they are in camp, and trying new activities is one way they can do this, so why not give them another incentive - the Buoy Award. This honor is presented to campers who successfully earn a ribbon in all of the activities that offer ribbon awards. Since our first recipient helped create this in 2015, 10 more campers have completed this challenge, with many more well on their way with only a few awards left to receive.

Check out who received the Buoy Award this past summer!

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