Thursday, November 8, 2018

Camp Moves Simon. Participant Spotlight!

This October we saw our highest number of Camp Moves Me participants yet! 20 wonderful members of our Foley family dedicated their October exercise (running, biking, swimming, hiking, walking, kayaking/canoeing, etc.) and asked family and friends for donations. Donations go directly into the Camp Foley Scholarship fund, thus directly impacting our campers. 90% of the money raised will be deposited into our fund so we can help get more kids to camp next summer (the other 10% goes to the American Camp Association). We are ecstatic to say this Camp Moves Me campaign was our most successful yet! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of the participants and donors. You are incredible. 

We recently had a conversation with one of our campers who participated for the first time to get his thoughts on the Camp Moves Me campaign. Simon was a first year participant and raised over $400 during the month long campaign. The heart and drive this young man displays to help make this world a better place is inspiring. 

Featured Participant: Simon M.

Age & Years as a camper: I'm 12 and next summer will be my 6th summer at camp!    
Simon racing in Vail, Colorado, while repping a
Camp Foley sweatshirt! 
Hobbies Outside of Camp: football, lacrosse, downhill ski racing, hanging out with family and friends, and helping people in need. 

Favorite Camp Meal:  Pancakes! They are so good!          

Favorite Camp Song: Down By The Bay

Why did you choose to participate in Camp Moves Me? I chose to do Camp Moves Me because I wanted to help raise money for people who couldn’t go to camp and experience the awesomeness of it so that they could go and experience it. 

What mode of exercise did you choose and how many miles did you complete?  I chose biking and I biked 100 miles. 

Completing 100 miles of biking is quite the accomplishment! What motivated you to complete your miles? My motivation was like I said before, because I like to help anyone in need. Also, I love to be outside and biking. 

Do you feel that all kids should have the opportunity to go to summer camp?  Yes, I do think that all kids should be able to go to camp, especially Camp Foley, because it changes your life. It makes you a better person and you have the most fun of your life. 

Would you recommend others participate in Camp Moves Me? Yes, I do think that more people should participate in Camp Moves Me because they are helping other people and it’s a good, healthy choice for them to push themselves to be active.

Way to go, Simon! We are proud of your accomplishments. Thanks again to all of the donors and participants - you help make camp great! 

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