Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Finish Strong!

Can you believe it is November 21st?! If you're reacting to that statement like we are, then you've probably had just as busy a Fall and can't fathom how fast life is moving. That being said, today makes for a PERFECT time to check back in on those tips we posted back in September about how to have a successful school year.

Don't remember that post or need a reminder? Find that blog HERE.

Let's check in. Take five minutes, review the blog and review your past 3 months. How are you doing with everything? Surviving? Thriving? Have given up all hope?

The good news is with Thanksgiving this week we have a natural break away from school to be able to step back and reassess how to best tackle the rest of the semester to finish strong! Pick 2-3 things to focus on to be successful for the next 40 days. Maybe it's 1 chore to do everyday now until the holidays? Or meet and invite 1 new friend over to hang out for a few hours? Perhaps with the weather getting colder (at least here in MN) and kids staying indoors more, a perfect goal is to make homework and reading a priority before any screen time!

Whatever you decide, just make sure you set clear, reasonable and time-bound goals. We are here to help you, too! Reach out if you have questions, thoughts or ideas. We love being able to partner with our families beyond the summer and want to help you set you up for success. You are awesome and we believe in you!

PS. If you are reading this and aren't a camper or parent (looking at you college students or professionals) but want to set some goals to finish the semester or winter season strong - let us know! Alli, Billy, Jordan and Treff would love to help you set these goals and help keep you accountable.

Let's finish strong!!

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