Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to Write Your Best Thank You Letter

With it being National Thank You Month, an important quality to have is gratitude! A lesser-used expression of giving thanks is a handwritten letter. Don’t we all love receiving notes of appreciation - of course we do! Taking the time to appreciate someone in a handwritten note is a selfless act to truly appreciate someone and give them those warm fuzzies! Why should we pass up the opportunity to give someone such a special feeling? Below are some tips on how to write your best thank you letter, and it’s something you can give to your parents, teachers, counselors, friends, employers, siblings, or even a complete stranger!

Start with your greeting:
“Dear Bobby,”
“Hello Mom and Dad,”
Starting with ‘dear’ or ‘hello’ is a way to make it personal right from the start. Make sure to check the spelling of who you are writing to!

Keep it short and sweet!
It doesn’t have to be an essay! This can be just a few sentences long to let them know how much their
act meant to you

Make it handwritten
This is the important part! You are taking your own time to essentially ‘make’ a special gift for
someone. A handwritten note is usually more personal than a text, email, or other electronic method
of communication.

Express what you are thankful for
“Thank you for the…”
“It meant so much to have you there when…”

Add details of how you will use the gift, or how much/why you valued their gesture
“The Camp Foley blanket you got me is perfect for our couch by the fireplace, and I’m so excited to use it on these cozy winter nights.”
“It was so special to see you at my graduation. Knowing I had you there as support made all the difference that day.”

Reiterate your thanks

“Again, thank you so much for your thoughtful gift.”
“Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to be there with me.”
You want to rephrase your thanks in a different way to close your letter.

Close with warm regards and sign your name below
“Be well,”
“All the best,”
“With love,”

Send it right away
Try to send your thank you letter within 24-48 hours after receiving the gift or gesture. Don’t worry if it is sent past that amount of time! Sending late is much better than never sending one at all.

Sending a thank you note is a wonderful way to appreciate those we care for, and in turn care for us. If you find yourself in a pinch, and you cannot hand-write a letter – sending an email with these qualities will still be well-received. Again, any type of thanks is better than none. So, the next time you receive a gift or special moment from someone, take the time to write them a note!

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