Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thinking About Summer Plans? We Know We Are!

Our mission here at Foley is, 'We partner with parents to drive campers to grow, gain grit, investigate, and build independence.' But what does that truly mean for me (the parent)?

As parents, you are probably starting to get to the end of your summer planning and beginning to finalize all the plans for the family. Why not make camp a part of those summer plans?! Summer camp is a benefit to your child's growth and development, but it's also a benefit to you - the parents!

You might be thinking: "So what do I, as a parent, get out of this summer camp thing?"

Your kids are experiencing an intentional, individualized, structured few weeks away from home that gives you (the parent) the benefit of having more independent, confident kids. The article above has a great link for parents on how to prepare both themselves and their children for summer camp. The list has applicable ways to get ahead and lay the groundwork for a successful time away.

A safe environment for kids (and parents) to take risks is proving to be a much needed aspect of our lives. We know that homesickness is natural, but so is kid-sickness. Parents, you are definitely going to miss your kids, but it's a great opportunity for you to also take the risk of sending your child to a place that positively shapes them. Sending your child to a place where they are safe, cared for, and encouraged to take risks allows that room for growth and independence that we at Foley strive for.

The article, Anxious Parent? Sending the kids to camp can be great for you, too, from the Boston Globe goes into more depth regarding the benefits of summer camp for both you and your kids.

Parents, including our own Beth Foster, consistently see a difference in their kids when they return home after time spent in camp.

So, as you finalize those plans, think Camp Foley. Give your kid the gift of camp, complete with lifelong skills, friendships, and memories. Give yourself the gift of risk-taking growth, practice coping, and time doing what YOU would like to.

Register today for Summer 2019 and experience the benefits of camp for you and your child!

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