Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Update: Environmental Education at Camp Foley!

We had our first groups of Outdoor Ed (and of 2019!!) arrive Monday, and we have gotten the schools off on a good [green] foot. As most of you know Camp Foley hosts various schools during the month of May (and September) specializing in Environmental Education. This week we've got four schools her at Foley, and we'll have a packed schedule of Climbing, Birds, Microscopes, Muck Adventure, Critters, Woodskills, and many others! Check out our Promo Video for a view of the awesome adventures our kids experience while at Foley.
School group goes on a Blind Hike along the trails
We have a heavy focus on doing what is right for the environment and expanding the knowledge of everyone who takes part in our Outdoor Education program. Groups are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint by using sidewalks instead of walking through the dirt and soil to prevent erosion, minimize food waste by finishing everything on their plate and taking only what they need, taking three minute showers, turning off lights if leaving a building, washing kitchen rags with a plunger washer and natural lye soap, composting waste from meals, and using alternatives to the lights in their cabins (i.e. Gravity Lights and solar lights). We have a contest for each cabin to gain points by showing environment stewardship and become a Master Greenfoot!
A cabin group using an energy-efficient gravity light
 Last year the Core Staff here at Foley became part of the Greenfoot Family and the groups are often visited by Bigfoot's cousin, Greenfoot! Though elusive at first, he makes his appearance as school groups become more involved and invested in showing investment in being environmental stewards.

The ever-elusive Greenfoot
We will continue many of our environmental efforts throughout Summer Camp while encouraging shorter showers, turning off lights when they're not needed, composting and using Gravity Lights in the Treehouses! We love shaping the lives of youth and opening the eyes of our groups at Environmental Education to grow up with a love of nature and the environment. Join us in making a difference in the environment and reducing your impact!
A cabin group makes a difference by
composting the kitchen waste to be used around camp

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