Thursday, January 30, 2020

Canteen? Yes Please.

The LONG line for canteen. Campers patiently wait for
their turn to pick their treat!
A few of the delicious
options at Canteen!

What do campers love more than activities? More than meals? What do they always try and compete for against both staff and fellow campers?


After 4th period, all of camp gets together for a nice afternoon snack and socializing time famously called, Canteen. Mail is also handed out during Canteen so campers have the chance to relax and recuperate with a treat and reading some updates from family and friends.

We aren't quite sure why Canteen is such the hit that it is, but one can safely assume with ice cream, skittles, chocolates, gummies, beef jerky and many other treats it provides kids with one of the best "choices" they get to make each day.

What’s your favorite Canteen item? Drop a comment below of your go-to item OR let us know what special treat we are missing at Canteen!