Thursday, February 13, 2020

How Do You Celebrate Love Day?

Valentine's Day is this Friday! Which means it's time to celebrate all the love we have in our life. But did you know that the US is not the only country to celebrate Valentine's Day? While we are off buying roses and cards for our special people, check out how these 5 countries celebrate Valentine's Day...

The day of love in Valencia of Spain falls on October 9th. This is known as the feast of Saint Dionysus. The festival is celebrated in most parts of Spain by making "macadora", a marzipan figurine. The figurines are made by men to gift to their female companions. There are also colorful parades that can be see down many streets in spain.

Although Valentine’s Day is a new festival in Denmark, the country also celebrates the day of love like us on February 14th, but with a twist! In Denmark, Valentine’s Day is not limited to roses and chocolates. Friends and loved ones exchange handmade cards with pressed white flowers that are called snowdrops. Danish men also sometimes send women funny poems called "gaekkebrev", signed anonymously with a series of dots. If the receiver can guess who sent the letter, he’ll give her an Easter egg later in the year.

Japan does it quite differently. A part of the holiday is celebrated February 14th, where women buy gifts and chocolates for their male companions . Men can’t return gifts until March 14, which is
called the “white day”. In fact in Japan, almost every month of the year on the 14th day celebrates a different aspect of love. This includes a friendship day, kissing day, and hugging day.

In Wales, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a very unique way. The country celebrates its day of love on January 25th, which is called the “day of San Dwynwen.” On the day, couples exchange unique and beautifully handcrafted wooden spoons to each other. This tradition has been in practice since the 16th century.

                                                                South Africa
South Africans don’t mind wearing their heart on their sleeve, literally! Following an old Roman festival called "Lupercalia", which is thought to be the predecessor to Valentine’s Day in general, Girls pin the name of their love or crush on their sleeve for the day, to make it known to all how they feel,

I hope you learned something new! This valentine's day maybe try out a new tradition, and don't forget... here at Camp Foley.. WE LOVE YOU!

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