Thursday, November 12, 2020

The LITs focus on Social Justice

The University sponsored the event

 This summer our LITs (Leaders in Training) participated in The Maverick Social Justice Camp. This camp is part of Minnesota State University Mankato programming and was completely virtual. The Maverick Social Justice Summer Camp aims to promote awareness of social justice issues and help cultivate secondary education (9th - 12th-grade) student leaders, especially in multicultural communities. The camp exposes participants to various topics relevant to social justice, especially as they pertain to multicultural groups. Topics our LITs focused on included racism, sexism, and classism. 

The camp took place from Monday, June 22 to Friday, June 26 and was free to participate in. This camp took the place of what would've have been two weeks of leadership classes and programming here at Camp Foley, and campers that participated in this camp will move ahead to the next level in the Foley Leadership program. 

Here's what our LITs had to say...

What are your overall thoughts on the experience and what you learned?

"I thought the camp was very interesting and an experience that has shaped my opinions and thoughts on so many different forms of injustice today. It was fun talking to other people from different backgrounds as well and learning about their stories/journeys with social injustice."- Meghan Jurgens(15)

"I think it was a great opportunity to learn more about the racial discrimination that many minority groups have faced and still face today. It was a great way to start a dialogue, especially with students my age who are also passionate about social justice. I had a blast meeting people from different states and it was fun seeing familiar camp faces." - Betsy Fries(16)

"I thought the social justice camp was really cool experience during the time of covid and George Floyd's death. Those situations helped enhance the meaning and importance of these conversations we were having regarding climate change and systemic racism." - Gregory Forsbreg(16) 

"My main takeaway from Social Justice Camp were all the new viewpoints I experienced there that I've never been introduced to before. There were many times the Social Justice Camp counselors taked to us about topics I was familiar with, but had an interpretation I had never thought of before. Their lectures widened my horizons a lot." - Ella Flynn(16)

What was the most important thing you took away from the Social Justice Camp?

"That even though we come from different parts of Minnesota, We are still so similar. We've all had our struggles and successes with the concept of Social Justice and that its a learning process for everyone." - Meghan Jurgens(15)

"I think it was surprising to learn his much power young people have about the matter, yet still we're only so young and can only do so much."- Betsy Fries(16)

"The experience of hearing and discussing everybody's different backgrounds and first hand experiences with the issues were very important in making our conversations uncomfortable in a good way." - Gregory Forsbreg(16) 

"Going into Social Justice Camp, I was expecting it to be more similar to LIT curriculum at camp: talking about what makes a good leader, giving examples, etc. Instead the camp focused more on progression and roots of inequality in our society. We talked more about race and gender identity then we did about leadership."- Ella Flynn(16)

Our LITs and CITs volunteering for "Kids Against Hunger"

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