Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tales of Creativity and Play: A Ted Talk for All of Us

Tales of Creativity and Play

Raise your hand if you believe playfulness helps drive you towards more creative solutions and ultimately more happiness in your everyday life? Our hands are raised high! We love play, and it has a place in as much of our lives as we allow for it. Here are three takeaways that excited us from this Ted Talk:
  1.  Having a sense of trust and friendship is what allows us to feel secure in taking creative risks - something we should all be doing and what we strive for at Camp. 
  2. Learning is a by-product of play (learning by doing), you don't need a formal workshop to be creative - use what you have around you to think with your hands!
  3. Act out flaws in whatever you may be working on. Role-playing can be a great tool for understanding rules of social interaction. Think about "playing house" or "playing store." You are trying out this identity and living through experience to learn what works and what doesn't when it happens in life.

Playful exploration, playful building and role-play are great ways to learn and gain new insight!

In the Ted Talk below, Tim Brown discusses and expounds on creativity and play in schools, in the workplace, at home, etc. Prepare to be inspired to become more playful!  

Ted Talk: Tim Brown Tales of Creativity and Play

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