Thursday, February 14, 2019

We're Sharing Our Favorite Camp Meals

Our Favorite Camp Meals

Winter may be starting to feel a little long, cold, and snowy. What would be better than a little taste of Minnesota? (We promise we don't mean snow!) We mean TTHD (Tater Tot Hot Dish), Soda Bread, Skillet Brownies - all of our camp favorites! Foley has an amazing kitchen staff that cook some pretty awesome meals for camp, and we know we're already counting down the days until we can eat camp food.

Cabin Groups posing with their Soda Bread!

Camp meals at home sometimes taste different, but it's definitely worth a try. Raise your hand if you miss Grilled Cheese and Soup! Do you dip it in your soup or eat it alongside instead? Try making it at home.

Campers and Staff enjoying Hoagies

Tater Tot Hot Dish is a camp favorite - rarely do we have leftovers for that one! Aside from it being so tasty at camp, it's also a Minnesota staple (and super simple to make).

I'll be honest, one that I LOVE is Mexican Lasagna, and I can never seem to get enough! See if this one is as good at home as it is at camp.

All of camp eating together in the Dining Hall

Speaking of all our favorites...a camp favorite is Soda Bread. The food itself is great, BUT we also get to enjoy it while sitting on the benches underneath the trees on beautiful sunny mornings.

Like I said previously, we've got some amazing staff that do a great job in the kitchen serving up Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner day in and day out. And we're reminded daily of just how lucky we are. Try out these recipes and comment below to let us know which ones YOU wish you could eat year-round. We can't wait to hear from you!
Casey and Joey helping serve milk to campers

Camper, Charlie, getting himself a HUGE
piece of Soda Bread

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